Whether you are a seasoned professional at a wire-house ready to become a respected independent investment executive or already independent and want to serve your clients without unnecessary obstructions, Syndicated Capital is your solution.

Syndicated Capital is open to all hard-working, motivated, and intelligent individuals who want the advantage of advanced knowledge, a wealth of resources, and back office reliability to better serve their clients.

SynCap Access gives you complete direct access to our platform investment services. SynCap Access clears through Pershing which uses the latest technology to increase turnaround and response time. SynCap Access uses NetExchange Pro, a web-based program that is user-friendly and available to you 24/7. With SynCap Access to our wealth of resources, we can give you more choices.

  • Individual Attention
    We respect the individual. We are flexible and receptive to your ideas; communicating is easy. We have a friendly, yet professional atmosphere. In addition to maintaining an open dialogue with the back office, we provide you with quarterly updates so you stay informed.
  • Independence
    Whether you are starting your own independent practice or a veteran of the industry, we offer you independence to conduct your practice in your own style and pace. We don’t believe in quotas because we understand that every adviser is different. Our superior customer service molds to your approach, giving you as much or as little attention as you want. We provide you a wealth of resources and customer service to help your practice grow, while maintaining your freedom to manage your branch or practice.
  • Transitional Support and Growth
    The caring back office guides you through a seamless transition with Automated Customer Account Transition (ACAT). We give you certification and pre-approved letters to inform your clients about your transition to the Syndicated Capital family. You also have access to a network of third party firms that can help you reshape your image and develop your practice with marketing and sales services. We offer complimentary training and sponsor Series tests to update your knowledge of the industry.
  • Problem Solving
    Our goal is to make your life easier. With preemptive problem solving, you are no longer disrupted by unnecessary complications. We develop solutions and respond quickly whenever inevitable issues arise. We liberate you from the constraints of persistent problems, so you can focus on the well-being of your clients.

If you are interested in becoming an independent adviser for Syndicated Capital, Inc., please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.