Capital Markets

Each of our Corporate Finance clients has a dedicated team of advisers who leverage their extensive experience and provide the necessary resources in order to present attractive solutions to facilitate growth. An important component of our service is the insight which comes from our team’s combined experience as both investment bankers and institutional investment managers.

For public companies seeking capital, we have found that our wealth management clients and syndicate network of investment banks are particularly comfortable investing in PIPE convertible notes which also benefits our corporate finance clients by providing lower costs of capital when the issuers achieve their growth objectives.

We also raise capital for private companies but also recommend that we and these clients be able to clearly articulate an exit for investors in these transactions. Since we believe that the cost of capital for public companies is materially less than for private companies, we also recommend to private company clients that consider becoming a public company to both reduce capital costs and provide a clear exit strategy to the investors.  Toward this end, our corporate finance advisers can provide cost efficient means for these prospects to become a reporting public company without the unnecessary uncertainty traditionally associated with the IPO process.

We also provide Financial Advisory services relative to public and private company M&A activities including Fairness Opinions at prices which we believe are very competitive. Related services include executive compensation strategies, investor relations and Sarbanes-Oxley consultation.